Apple iPod Touch vs Archos 605 WiFi

“What makes these two devices so special? Both offer wide-screen video playback, a Wi-Fi Internet browser, the ability to play Internet video content from YouTube, wireless music purchases, a music player, photo viewer, video player, and much more. To find out which of these futuristic devices is the one true king of portable media players, we’ll pit them against each other in five bloody rounds in a no-holds gadget war. Hide the kids–this could get ugly”…. <More>



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2 responses to “Apple iPod Touch vs Archos 605 WiFi

  1. ipod touch related

    radio stations on the iphone or ipod, my fav new app

  2. hearthealth

    Nevertheless, many out there also project the rise and subsequent stabilizing of divergence. So demand for standalone cameras, mp3 players, PCs, TVs, etc. will still sail on, enough to quell any strong calls for more convergent devices. And just in case anybody’s on the look out for value for money MP3 reviews, click here.

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