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Bringing Broadband to Africa Via Satellite

“What caught our attention was a map with a bunch of red lines representing the fiber that runs around the world,” says Mike Fries, chief executive of Liberty Global, the broadband and cable company partly owned by media mogul John Malone. The map showed large areas, primarily in and around Africa, with little or no fiber. “It was a compelling illustration of what this network will fill,” says Mr. Fries, adding that Liberty’s Denver office will help develop the project”…. <More>


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Africa’s ‘Cocoon’ Phase: Can Private Investors and Entrepreneurs Transform the Continent?

“Business as the Engine of African Economic Development,” was moderated by Wharton finance professor Richard Herring, who noted that “Five years ago, the title of this session would have been thought to be a lot more hopeful than true, but in fact some very interesting things have been happening.”…. <More>

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