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In Pictures: 10 Ways To Get The Internet On HDTV -Slideshow

#3….”Two new plasma televisions from Panasonic, the TH-46PZ850U ($3,099) and TH-50PZ850U ($3,499), are equipped with Viera Cast, an integrated Web interface still in its beginning stages. Right now, it can connect to YouTube, Google’s Picasa photo-sharing service and Bloomberg News. The Viera Cast HDTVs connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable, and though they are somewhat limited in what they can do at the moment, it seems like Panasonic is looking to expand its offerings over time.

#4...Turn Your HDTV Into A Computer Monitor

The best way to view Web videos on your HDTV is to turn the machine into a computer monitor. Many HDTVs feature “PC Inputs” which can accept the VGA cable that has been the standard video output on computers for years. It’s also possible to connect a computer to a TV via best-quality digital connections like DVI and HDMI, though such outputs are only available on more recent computers. Once you’ve sorted out the correct connections, you can browse the Internet as you would normally–except now you’ve got a gigantic, high-resolution, widescreen monitor”… <Slideshow>

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