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Thinner and Healthier with a Pill-Part 2

In July I linked to  an article about chemicals that trick the body into losing weight and may even cure diabetes, looks like the science is gaining traction according to Scientific American “The drug works by triggering a protein called SIRT1 that normally kicks in during starvation and tells the body to burn fat and conserve energy, according to the study.

“We are activating the same enzymes that are activated when people go to the gym,” Peter Elliott, an exec at Sirtris Pharmaceuticals, the Glaxo arm that developed the drug, told Reuters……ood news for a human version of the medicine being developed to treat diabetes”…. <More>

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Two New Drugs Promise Long Longer Healthier Living

https://i0.wp.com/deutsche-boerse.com/dbag/dispatch/en/binary/gdb_content_pool/imported_files/public_files/20_images/73_is_overview_slides/82_282x180/mda_xpect_282x180.jpg“The new drugs are called sirtuin activators, meaning that they activate an enzyme called sirtuin. The basic theory is that all or most species have an ancient strategy for riding out famines: switch resources from reproduction to tissue maintenance. A healthy diet but with 30 percent fewer calories than usual triggers this reaction in mice and is the one intervention that reliably increases their life span.

But most people cannot keep to a diet with a 30 percent cut in calories, so a drug that could activate the famine reflex might be highly desirable. Dr. Leonard Guarente, an M.I.T. biologist who founded the field of sirtuin biology, thinks the famine reflex is mediated through the sirtuin enzymes. Dr. Sinclair, his former student, discovered that sirtuins could be activated by drugs. The most potent activator that emerged from his screens was resveratrol, a natural substance found in red wine, though in amounts probably too low to be significant for health.

“The Sirtris drug being tested in diabetic patients is a special formulation of resveratrol that delivers a bloodstream dose five times as high as the chemical alone. This drug, called SRT501, has passed safety tests and, at least in small-scale trials, has reduced the patients’ glucose levels.

The other drug is a small synthetic chemical that is a thousand times as potent as resveratrol in activating sirtuin and can be given at a much smaller dose. Safety tests in people have just started, with no adverse effects so far….resveratrol has doubled muscular endurance, lowered the bad form of cholesterol, protected against various bad effects of a high-fat diet and suppressed colon cancer. New reports are confirming some of these benefits, but others are ambiguous or puzzling. “…. <More>


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