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OLED Toothbrush, OLED Shutters, OLED Future?


The Research Institute of Organic Electronics gives us a list and video of the future of OLEDs in our daily lives….<More>


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Vintage Prefab: Lustron Home-All Steel & Factory Built

IT ALL STARTED one day in 1946 when Carl Gunnard Strandlund, fifty years old, the $100,000-a-year Vice President and general manager of Chicago Vitreous Enamel Products Co., was doodling on the tablecloth at lunch. He had been talking with officials of Standard Oil (Indiana), who wanted to get Washington’s permission in those material-scarce days to build some more service stations. For a dozen years Chicago Vitreous had been making easy-to-clean porcelain-enameled steel wall panels, shiny white as a tile bathroom and as easy to clean, For Standard and other midwestern service stations.

“You know, Carl,” someone at the lunch table said, “you could make houses out of that stuff. And in this housing crises…” On the tablecloth, engineer Strandlund began designing what he later called the Lustron house. A few weeks later he went to Washington to get permission to build his service stations. He stuffed the preliminary drawings for the Lustron house in his briefcase, he says, to fool around with in the evenings”…. <More> and  <More>

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