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Gartner’s Top Ten Disruptive Technologies to 2012

“According to Gartner, within the next five years, information will be presented via new user interfaces such as organic light-emitting displays, digital paper and billboards, holographic and 3D imaging and smart fabric. By 2010, it will cost less than US$1 to add a three-axis accelerometer – which allows a device, such as Nintendo’s Wii controller, to sense when and how it is being moved – to a piece of electronic equipment. “Acceleration and attitude (tilt) can be combined with technologies such as wireless to perform functions such as ‘touch to exchange business cards,'” said Mr Cearley

Gartner Fellow David Cearley named the top ten disruptive technologies 2008 to 2012 as:

– Multicore and hybrid processors

– Virtualisation and fabric computing

– Social networks and social software

– Cloud computing and cloud/Web platforms

– Web mashups

– User Interface

– Ubiquitous computing

– Contextual computing

– Augmented reality

– Semantics”…. <More>

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