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Vey Pink In New York: Palazzo Chupi

“Today the remaining two units of Julian Schnabel’s pink West Village Palace, having been rejected by Bono, then by Madonna, went on the market. The views (river and harbor, from various terraces), amenities (pool, parking, access to the Schnabe), and schnabulous details (cast-bronze door handles, stone fireplaces, cast-stone railings, beamed ceilings, terra-cotta tile floors) put the price at $27 million (for the duplex) and $32 million (for the triplex)”…. <More>

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Mark Klaverstijn & Roel Wouters collected 25 titlesequences.
1 Marnie (1964) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock Title Design by: Unknown
2 Grands soirs & petits matins (1978) Directed by William Klein, Title Design by: Unknown
3 The French (1982) Directed by William Klein, Title Design by: Unknown
4 Psycho (1960) Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Title Design by: Saul Bass 5 Catch Me If You Can (2002) Directed by Steven Spielberg, Title Design by: Florence Deygas
6 99 and 44/100% Dead (1974) Directed by John Frankenheimer, Title Design by: Unknown
7 Dorian Gray (1970) Directed by Massimo Dallamano, Title Design by: Unknown
8 Soylent Green (1973) Directed by Richard Fleischer, Title Design by: Unknown
9 “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” (1969) by Monty Python, Title Design by: Terry Gilliam
10 Death Machines (1976) Directed by Paul Kyriazi, Title Design by: Unknown
11 Altered States (1980) Directed by Ken Russell, Title Design by: Richard Greenberg
12 The Terminator (1984) Directed by James Cameron, Title Design by: Ernest D. Farino

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Global Crafts : Cool Gifts, Global Benefits

Their Mission Statement is a simple one and their prices extremely affordable, I really like Global Crafts

>>> “Our Mission is to offer income-generating opportunities to craftspeople in developing countries by following fair trade practices including paying in advance at least the market price for items, ensuring that craftspeople receive payment, and ensuring that the craftspeople work in fair working conditions. We work directly with artisans, craftspeople, and producer groups to achieve these goals and hopefully help improve the lives of some of the people with whom we share this planet”….. <Global Craft’s Web Site>

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Slideshow: The Kaufmann House

NY Times SLideshow:

“The Kaufmann House, a 1946 glass, steel and stone landmark built on the edge of Palm Springs by the architect Richard Neutra, has twice been at the vanguard of new movements in architecture — helping to shape postwar Modernism and later, as a result of a painstaking restoration in the mid-1990s, spurring a revived interest in mid-20th-century homes”…. Go To SLIDESHOW

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Slideshow: The Stylish Ro0bots Of Robo Garage

Robo Garage, is a Kyoto University venture and its principal designer and creator is “Tomotaka Takahashi, one of the youngest researchers in the field of robotics. Inspired by anime such as Ironman No. 28 and Mighty Atom, Takahashi began building robots. Akahashi is known for his friendly yet sophisticated designs that allow his robots to move and interact more naturally than other obots” <See More resources on Japanese Robotics @ Robotopia Rising>Many of the early robots were originated  by Team Osaka.  see the following ” Team Osaka is a loosely knit consortium of eggheads, researchers and robotics venture outfits, hastily assembled on the occasion of 2004 Japan Open, a regional Robo Cup event. Since the beginning, Team Osaka has had a huge advantage over other Robo Cup participants. Some of its member firms are real robotics pros, while other combatants are mere academics or amateur hobbiests at most” ….. <More>

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Top Ten Anime Themes and Soundtracks of All-Time

“Epic Battles, Giant Robots, Aliens, Samurai, Government Plots, Love Stories, Spaghetti Westerns, Teenage Angst, Espionage, and Bounty Hunters – sounds like anime to me…..

 # 2. AKIRA
“I am Tetsuo . . .” Katsuhiro Otomo’s sci-fi masterpiece took anime to an even larger scale in 1990 when Streamline Pictures brought the big budget film to the States. This changed everything! Not only is the film still one of the most highly regarded anime productions, but the soundtrack is both pulse-poundingly eerie and beautiful. The rhythmic production and percussive instrumentation of the main character’s themes are tense, energetic, and emotionally crippling. Which only leads the audience to relate to and identify with their plight”…. For the Full List Go <Here>.

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Slideshow: Darfur-An African Tragedy

Via The NEw Yorker

” Samantha Power reported on the ethnic cleansing in Sudan. The photographer Bruno Stevens recently returned from Sudan, where he documented the janjaweed” Slideshow 

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Slideshow: Superheros Go Postal-USPS Comic Stamps Double As Wall Pop Art Posters

Super Stamps

The latest stamps to swoop into

postal offices may not get your mail delivered in lightning speed, but they may bring a nostalgic smile to your face. The comic world’s most famous faces will grace the corners of letters everywhere after a line of superhero stamps premiered at Comic-Con, Thursday, July 26, 2007.


We all are familiar with the web-singling, spider-sensing, wall crawler, Spider-Man. Now enjoy this hero even more as he will be crawling all over your packages while they get delivered<Slideshow: Superheros Go Postal>

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Slideshow: Superhero Evolution



“The World’s Finest Comic Book Writers and Artists Tell Stories to Remember 9-11.” Alex Ross, cover artist. Published by DC Comics, 2002, and featured in the new comic book exhibit “Reflecting Culture: The Evolution of American Comic Book Superheroes,” at the Montclair Art Museum.

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10 Secret Canadian Films

cube.JPGCube (1997), directed by Vincenzo NataliCube has found an international audience among hardcore fans of SF/dystopian thrillers, but according to my informal polling, it doesn’t seem to be well-known among the general population abroad. And that’s a shame—it’s a tight little package. Viewing Cube for the first time a decade after its release may not be giving the film its full due, however, considering how popular its premise has recently become. The “Lost” series and the Saw franchise are especially fond of the structure: seemingly random strangers awaking in a madman’s (?) constructed environment are forced to pool talents in order to survive.

careful.jpgCareful (1992), directed by Guy Maddin — Maddin is our Robert Wiene, our Georges Méliès, our Leni Riefenstahl—our expressionist surrealist –ist director whose work sadly won’t appeal to everyone, especially people averse to 1920s and 30s cinema, which he obsessively reproduces. The man is in love with diffusion filters, monochromatic washes, intertitles and overwrought dialogue—techniques which never obliterate the contemporary layer Maddin refuses to peel off entirely. The result is imaginative and utterly unique.”…… <More>

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Speed Racer 2008: The Wachowski Brothers’ First Movie Since “The Matrix” Movies

‘Speed Racer’s’ Movie demon on wheels-The Mach 5


“Those fine folks over at Warner Bros. have sent Cinematical an official Speed Racer press release which provides a full cast list, as well as lots of plot info. Although it wasn’t very difficult to piece together all the nuggets of information we’ve received over the past month or so, it is nice to see all things Speed Racer in one place. (Check out the recently released pic of Speed’s Mach 5 to the right) As expected, the meat and potatoes of the story will revolve around Speed’s (Emile Hirsch) attempt to take down the powerful and corrupt Royalton Industries before its evil owner (Roger Allam) puts Speed and his family out of business for good.

One of the casting choices I’m most interested in is that of Ji Hoon Jung (aka the popular Korean singer Rain) as a rival driver”….. <More>

Video: Another Speed and Trixie moment

Video: Speed Racer original open and close

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Video: Women In Art

Video: Women In Art

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Video: The American Look Circa 1958

“A Tribute to the Men and Women, Who Design. A beautiful film highlighting the importance in America of design and aesthetics in every day … all » items. It is interesting to see that this style, and the aesthetic of 1958 is returning to our modern lives… but we’re not buying American anymore… we’re buying Ikea”…. Via Cynical C

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Animation: Cast Uh-Way – Vancouver Film School (VFS)

Animation: Cast Uh-Way – Vancouver Film School (VFS)

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Freedom House provides the awesome service of issuing list after list of countries that suck. Sometimes it’s countries that suck at freedom of the press, sometimes it countries that suck at human rights, but the general tenor of the their reports is: “Hey! These guys are really bad. Don’t forget, OK?” Which, though I sound flip, is a very legitimate service. And if it serves no other purpose, it reminds readers to pay attention to the seemingly intractable once in awhile, while giving journalists something to write about on a slow news day.

Their latest report gets right to the heart of their mission. It’s called “The Worst of the Worst: The World’s Most Repressive Societies, 2007“[PDF]:

“Repressive regimes can be incredibly resilient, as this year’s list demonstrates,” said Arch Puddington, Director of Research at Freedom House [and possessor of the best name ever]. “Some of the countries on this list are global bullies; others are responsible for unspeakable humanitarian crises. In practically every case, these regimes are resistant to change and are indifferent to their citizens’ political rights, civil liberties and basic human needs.”….. <More>

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Video: LED LIGHTABLE by Julian Appelius & Fabien Dumas

Check out this high-tech dinner table, the Lightable created by Julian Appelius and Fabien Dumas. It is a LEDs table that will only light up when you place things on top of it. Put a transparent object on top of it and you will see the light gets transferred into the object”…. <More>

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It’s easy. It’s fun. Anyone can do it! It’s our SHAPESHIFTER animating application! We provide the tools, but the talent is all yours! Soon we’ll be offering even more features – color, embedding and gifs, so stay tuned! Watch what other people have done and then give it a try – we promise, you’ll be hooked!” …. <More>

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Voiceprints, created by Pierre Proske, uses specially-designed software to translate voice patterns into a design”….

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Swizz Style Henry Air Purifier & Other Functional Objet D’Art

“Whether you think it resembles an aardvark or a leech, the new Henry air purifier by Swizz Style is a modern low-profile way to remove all the junk—dust, pollen, soot, spores, smells, some germs, etc.—from the air”…. <More>

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All-TIME Graphic Novels


“Graphic novel” is a vague moniker that gets applied to any extended form of comics, including non-fiction and short story collections. But here, at least, the term fits. Following the rules of the All TIME 100 books — focusing exclusively on book-length fictional stories originally written in English — here are the All TIME top ten graphic novels, in alphabetical order by title.
— Andrew D. Arnold…. <More>

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