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Speak Your Mind-Controlling The Machine Voicelessly

“The video above shows the system placing the first public voiceless phone call on stage at a recent conference held by microchip manufacturer Texas Instruments.

“Michael Callahan, co-founder of Ambient Corporation, which developed the neckband, demonstrates the device, called the Audeo,” says New Scientist”…. <Article-More>

From The Devloper’s Website ”

The Audeo is being developed to create a human-computer interface for communication without the need of physical motor control or speech production. Using signal processing, unpronounced speech representing the thought of the mind can be translated from intercepted neurological signals”…. <Ambient Corporation>

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The Emerging Brain Fitness Software Market: Building Better Brains

Scientific, technological and demographic trends have converged to create an exciting new market in brain fitness, where software and online applications can assess and train cognitive abilities. That equates to a sharper mind and better memory retention contributing to healthier aging.  There is currently a $400m worldwide market with high growth ahead predicted.

This video is lively and informative:

· What results are scientists discovering from the use of Brain Fitness tools?
· Who will use brain tools and why?
· What is the market potential for new companies entering the brain fitness market?
· What kind of brain fitness applications are being developed?

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Are We Living in a Computer Simulation?

“Until I talked to Nick Bostrom, a philosopher at Oxford University, it never occurred to me that our universe might be somebody else’s hobby. I hadn’t imagined that the omniscient, omnipotent creator of the heavens and earth could be an advanced version of a guy who spends his weekends building model railroads or overseeing video-game worlds like the Sims”…. <More> 

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Duped: Can brain scans uncover lies?

“A liar’s testimony is often more persuasive than a truthteller’s. Liars are more likely to tell a story in chronological order, whereas honest people often present accounts in an improvised jumble. Similarly, according to DePaulo and Bond, subjects who spontaneously corrected themselves, or said that there were details that they couldn’t recall, were more likely to be truthful than those who did not—though, in the real world, memory lapses arouse suspicion.

People who are afraid of being disbelieved, even when they are telling the truth, may well look more nervous than people who are lying. This is bad news for the falsely accused, especially given that influential manuals of interrogation reinforce the myth of the twitchy liar. “Criminal Interrogation and Confessions” (1986), by Fred Inbau, John Reid, and Joseph Buckley, claims that shifts in posture and nervous “grooming gestures,” such as “straightening hair” and “picking lint from clothing,” often signal lying. David Zulawski and Douglas Wicklander’s “Practical Aspects of Interview and Interrogation” (1992) asserts that a liar’s movements tend to be “jerky and abrupt” and his hands “cold and clammy.” Bunching Kleenex in a sweaty hand is another damning sign—one more reason for a sweaty-palmed, Kleenex-bunching person like me to hope that she’s never interrogated”…. <More>

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Electrode Implants Boost Brain-Crippled Patient

“Before his injury, the man—whose identity was not disclosed—loved to draw, collected comic books and fancied movies about superheroes.
He was attacked and robbed in 1999.
“His skull was completely crushed and he was left for dead,” his mother told reporters in a telephone briefing. He spent the next five years in a nursing home with no hope of recovery. He would occasionally mouth the word yes or no, but could not communicate reliably or eat on his own.
His parents agreed to try the experimental treatment in August 2005, and doctors saw immediate results.
He was alert and could move his head to follow voices.
He can now drink from a cup, recall and speak 16 words, and watch a movie”….. <More> 

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Reinventing Humanity-The Future of Human-Machine Intelligence

“We stand on the threshold of the most profound and transformative event in the history of humanity, the “Singularity.”

What is the Singularity? From my perspective, the Singularity is a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so fast and far-reaching that human existence on this planet will be irreversibly altered. We will combine our brain power—the knowledge, skills, and personality quirks that make us human—with our computer power in order to think, reason, communicate, and create in ways we can scarcely even contemplate today.

This merger of man and machine, coupled with the sudden explosion in machine intelligence and rapid innovation in the fields of gene research as well as nanotechnology, will result in a world where there is no distinction between the biological and the mechanical, or between physical and virtual reality. These technological revolutions will allow us to transcend our frail bodies with all their limitations. Illness, as we know it, will be eradicated. Through the use of nanotechnology, we will be able to manufacture almost any physical product upon demand, world hunger and poverty will be solved, and pollution will vanish. Human existence will undergo a quantum leap in evolution. We will be able to live as long as we choose. The coming into being of such a world is, in essence, the Singularity.

How is it possible we could be so close to this enormous change and not see it? The answer is …”… <More>

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I Think Therefore I am, I think..By Stephen Cave

Thanks to modern neuro-imaging technology, we now know that our minds – our conscious, mental life – are a product of activity in the brain. Free will is an illusion.

Two neuroscientists asking people to choose to move either their left or right hands, it was possible to influence their choice by electronically stimulating certain parts of their brains. So, for example, the scientists could force the subjects always to choose to move their left hands. But despite their choice being electronically directed, these patients continued to report that they were freely choosing which hand to move…..

If this is true, the implications for our systems of morality, of crime and punishment, are shattering……

Eve ate the apple was as predetermined as the leaves falling to the ground in autumn. None of us could ever truly be said to be responsible for our actions”…. <More>

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Mind games: Brain-Controlled Games Should Soon Be On Sale

 “Because parts of a person’s grey matter exhibit increased electric activity when they respond to stimuli or prepare for movements, there has always been the lingering hope that EEG might also manifest someone’s thoughts in a machine-readable form that could be used for everyday purposes.To realise that hope means solving two problems—one of hardware and one of software. The hardware problem is that existing EEG requires a helmet with as many as 120 electrodes in it, and that these electrodes have to be affixed to the scalp with a gel. The software problem is that many different types of brain waves have to be interpreted simultaneously and instantly. That is no mean computing task.

The power of thought:Both Emotiv, which is based in San Francisco, and NeuroSky, of San Jose, think they have cracked these problems”….. <More>

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Do the Impossible: Know Thyself

“I attended a fascinating conference on neuropsychiatry recently. Neuroscience, it seems to me, is the current most hopeful candidate for the role of putative but delusory answer to all Mankind’s deepest questions: what is Man’s place in Nature, and how should he live. What is the good life, at least in the western world?”…. <More>

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The Brain on the Stand

brain150207.jpg“How advances in neuroscience could transform our legal system”…. <More>

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