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Prefabs of Levitstown-NY

“The primary feature of this early Levittown house was its low, low cost– under $8,000 to purchase. With FHA-VA housing loans available, this meant home ownership with no down payment, or a tiny one, and a relatively low monthly mortgage “nut.”

Levitt was able to offer these houses so cheaply because he was applying construction methods perfected in the deployment of prefab housing in the armed services during World War II. Bill Levitt had served as a Seabee during the war, and he learned the techniques of rapid construction using standardized parts, tightly controlled suppliers of goods and services, and a workforce with highly specialized skills. Like the Army’s builders, like the Seabees, Levitt took the mass-production assembly line and converted it so that workers moved from site to site doing their specific targeted tasks. Life, Newsweek, Time, and many other magazines delighted in the story of the painter whose sole job was to paint the window sills of each house; but the example was an apt one, for by moving crews of workers sequentially from house to house, Levitt avoided the necessity of craft workers, unions, and the rest. In addition, his program could tolerate high labor turnover, a dreaded feature of the new prosperity after the end of the war. If one worker left, another could be quickly hired and trained as a replacement”…. <More> NYTimes Slideshow

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Star Trek (2009) Trailer & Cast Slideshow

Star Trek (2009) Trailer & Cast Slidshow


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Prefab: Port-a-Bach Portable Cabin from Atelier Workshop in

“The Port-a-Bach, from Atelier Workshop in New Zealand! It reminds me of BARK’s All-Terrain Cabin, in that it is created from a 20ft. shipping container

The Port-a-Bach portable cabin sleeps two adults and two children, is power, water and sewer independent, has one wall that folds down to create an open living space and folds back up to secure the unit for storage or relocation.

Via It has a kitchen and complete bath, and can be hooked up to external services, as well”… Via the Excellent The Excellent


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Slideshow: Gallery Maserati


Driving her Maserati after partying with Sean Penn, Rapper Eve got arrested for driving under the Influence (DUI). . Refusing to be bailed by Sean Penn, she posted her own bond and was driven home in yet another Maserati.

When Vanessa Williams woke up to her 40th? B’day she allegedly found a new Maserati as the B’day gift. It would seem the Maserati brand is certainly doing a Hollywood round in the same way Walkman’s and iPods affects us ordinary folks. Why go Prius when you can go Ciao Ciao Va Vroom …. <More>

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Return of The Mummy?

dust cloud over khartoum sudan

These bizarre images show a gigantic cloud of dust billowing over an African city.The dust storm – known as a “Haboob” – gathered over Khartoum, the capital of Sudan in north east Africa yesterday.

It lasted for about two hours, carrying dust and sand from the Sahara across the city.

Haboobs – which are a type of seasonal storm – are formed in summer months. They are caused by downdrafts created when a thunderstorm reaches its final phase. These downdrafts cause descending air to hit the ground and pick up large amounts of dust”…. <More>

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Fotowoosh: A New Dimension for Your Photos


The big picture: Fotowoosh’s Web-based system turns flat, two-dimensional images into zoomable 3-D scenes using machine-learning algorithms that subdivide a picture into areas representing ground (green in the false-color image), vertical surfaces (arrows), and sky (circles). These surfaces are then “folded” into a 3-D model resembling a pop-up illustration in a children’s book. To examine a sample Fotowoosh model in 3-D, you’ll need to download both a “.wrl” file from the Fotowoosh website and a 3-D viewer extension for your Web browsers.Credit: Courtesy of Freewebs”….. <Full Article>

Video: A New Dimension for Your Photographs

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200 Mile Range! Just When You Thought The Electric Car Had Been Killed


“Equipped with an AC induction motor that’s no larger than a watermelon, it does zero to 60 in about 4 seconds. But it’s not just the acceleration that amazes. It’s the way this car accelerates. Unlike a gasoline-powered car, which has very little torque at low RPMs, the Tesla reaches 100 percent torque from the instant it starts forward. You don’t wait even a moment for that acceleration to kick in. It kicks in immediately. The effect is like nothing you’ve ever experienced”…. <More><SlideShow>

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