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K3: The Power of the Sun and Wind now within your reach!

The K3 is ” a “tribrid” device since it can be charged by wind, sun or electricity from an AC wall outlet.
A fully charged K3 can charge a mobile phone over five times and an iPod/MP3 player over 10 times. Just one hour of sun and wind provides 30 minutes of talk time and over 300 minutes of MP3 music. However, performance figures may vary based on different mobile phone models and iPod/mp3 player models, as well as sunlight intensity and wind speed consistency’…The retail price of the K3 is $99.95 and the K3 will be available through the company’s online store at

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Affordable Collectible Cars Slideshow

“In fact, for those who would rather be driving an interesting car or truck than fussing over the originality of its headlamp bulbs, there are many vehicles in the lower price brackets — less than the average new family sedan — worth considering”….<More>

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Toyota’s 3g Prius Has Solar Panels, Remote Control Air Conditioning

“The most energy-efficient Prius yet–50 mpg compared to 46 mpg for the 2009 model–comes with an optional solar panel on the roof to power cabin vent fans. Since the remote control-powered air conditioner is electric, it can run even when the car is off–so a quick trip to the store doesn’t have to mean an oven-like car upon return. Toyota’s new Prius also comes with LED headlights that save 17% of power used by high-intensity low-beam lights”….<More>
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Prefab: Clayton i-house

“Low-E windows, solar augmentation, high-efficiency appliances and superior insulation. The solar panels on the roof don’t supply all the home’s needs, but they do cut electricity consumption in half. There’s also a tankless water heater and a cistern that collects rainwater from the roof for use in gardening, car washing or other outdoor uses. Floors are made of fast-growing bamboo, and paint and insulation are low- or zero-emission.Clayton hopes to deliver it for about $100,000″….<Via TinyHouseBlog>

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Wolfram Alpha: A Radical New Formula for Web Search ?‘The product of four years of development, Alpha is an engine for answers. Its ambition is to delve into “all the knowledge in the world,” Wolfram says, to find and calculate information.

Though Alpha’s interface evokes Google ― whose co-founder Sergey Brin once spent a summer interning for Wolfram ― it’s more like the anti-Google.Type in a query for a statistic, a profile of a country or company, the average airspeed of a sparrow ― and instead of a series of results that may or may not provide the answer you’re looking for, you get a mini dossier on the subject compiled in real time that, ideally, nails the exact thing you want to know. It’s like having a squad of Cambridge mathematicians and CIA analysts inside your browser”….<More>

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Eco Modular Prefab

eco friendly modern modular house sustainable design ideasenvironment modular house modern interior design ideas 3D plans3D modern modular house interior design plans

Most of the energy system of this modern modular house is located at the end of the garden, called an “eco-hub”. Rather than relying on bolting on a mass of solar panels or wind turbines to the house itself, which depending on the orientation of the house may not be most efficiently positioned, the architects have centralized them within a shared community space….<More>

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C-3PO, Leia,Luke SkyWalker 4GB USB Drives

“Mimobots are little friendly data fiends! Feed the 2” monsters all your essential data (tunes, pics, presentations, docs, etc.) and transport your files in style wherever you go. mimobots lead the creative revolution in personal electronic accessories and functional designer toys – truly a marriage of art and technology! Mimobots are produced in limited editions”…. <More>

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