‘PSYSTAR has once again taunted the Cupertino Cabal and its army of men in grey suits by adding another Macalike to its line-up of OSX capable computers.
Starting at a very un-Apple $599, the base configuration comes pre installed with a retail version of OSX, an Intel 2.8 GHz Core2Duo E7400, 2GB of DDR2 800 RAM, a 500GB SATA hard drive, a 20x DVD writer and a Geforce 8400GS 256MB single DVI graphics card”…. <More>

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Eco Modular Prefab

eco friendly modern modular house sustainable design ideasenvironment modular house modern interior design ideas 3D plans3D modern modular house interior design plans

Most of the energy system of this modern modular house is located at the end of the garden, called an “eco-hub”. Rather than relying on bolting on a mass of solar panels or wind turbines to the house itself, which depending on the orientation of the house may not be most efficiently positioned, the architects have centralized them within a shared community space….<More>

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C-3PO, Leia,Luke SkyWalker 4GB USB Drives

“Mimobots are little friendly data fiends! Feed the 2” monsters all your essential data (tunes, pics, presentations, docs, etc.) and transport your files in style wherever you go. mimobots lead the creative revolution in personal electronic accessories and functional designer toys – truly a marriage of art and technology! Mimobots are produced in limited editions”…. <More>

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Rattler Buck Ten Scooter

“Reshaped seat allows shorter riders to reach the ground more easily AND lets taller riders stretch out a bit… so everyone is more comfortable. The twin piston front disk brake stops on a dime while the gas charged rear shock helps put the power to the pavement”….<More>

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15 Recycled Lighting Fixtures


“WebEcoist:Egg cartons, Legos, ballpoint pens, blenders and plastic spoons: these are just a few of the items that have been transformed into awesome light fixtures by creative DIYers. Why buy new when you could have a stunning chandelier or lamp that puts junk to good use? These 15 examples of brilliant eco-illumination show just how stylish and fun recycled materials can be”….<More>


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Atom CPU on Credit Card sized Mainboard

“Toradex have begun sampling their latest COM Express module, just 84 x 55mm in size, toradex woodpecker robin atom module

which uses Intel’s Z5xx Atom processor range. The Toradex Robin (shown here on the right, to scale – but not actual size – with its Toradex Woodpecker sibling, announced last year) has seven USB 2.0, gigabit ethernet, a microSD slot and a SATA connection, and is suitable for highly-compact embedded applications.

Toradex Woodpecker Robin Atom Module

The Robin will be available with either the Atom 1.1GHz Z510 processor or the 1.6GHz Z530 processor, the former having a 400MHz FSB and 1GB of onboard storage and the latter with a 533MHz FSB, 2GB of storage and hyper-threading support. While the Z530 is the obvious choice for speed, the Z510 Robin fights back with its super-frugal power demands: just 3.5 to 5 Watts. Saying that, the Z530 Robin isn’t exactly a hog, using from 5.1 to 7.6 Watts.

Each comes with 512MB of soldered-on RAM and can support up to a 1366 x 768 external display over VGA. Other connections include one PCIe, ExpressCard, a TV output and HD audio. These look like incredible boards offering plenty of DIY scope; they’re priced at €129 ($163) for the Z510 Robin and €179 ($227) for the Z530 Robin”…. <More>

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LG’s Solar Powered Hands Free Bluetooth Car Kit

LG HFB-500 solar Bluetooth car kit

LG HFB-500 solar Bluetooth car kit

“LG claims two hours of sunlight will get the LG HFB-500  an hour’s talk time, which doesn’t seem great, until you remember that it remains pretty much fully charged in direct sunlight, and the charge appears to remain even in cloudy conditions. During a fortnight’s regular use in autumnal London Town, we had no problems, and when we shut it away in a cupboard for a weekend, it started up on Monday morning without a hitch”…. <Full Review>

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