best Gadgets of’ 2008

” Best of home video – Echostar TR-50: If you get TV over the air but don’t want it to stay there, the Echostar TR-50 is the DVR solution of your dreams. It can view and record over-the-air HD and standard digital channels and has most of the features found on Dish Network’s satellite DVRs.

Best of gaming – Nyko Wireless Nunchuk: It’s not easy to rescue Hyrule with your hands tied. That’s why Nyko has developed a wireless nunchuk for the Wii. The new nunchuk cuts the cord that attaches the Wiimote to the Wii Nunchuk, freeing the hero of games such as “Zelda” from cord waggle.

Best of car tech – Azentek Atlas CPC-1200 and Calypso CPC-1100: Online is hitting the road with Azentek’s two new in-dash computers. Forget about juggling GPS, CDs and cell phones in a car when they’re rolled together in the dash and powered by an Intel Core Duo with a 120GB hard drive”….<More>


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