New High-Speed Internet Society with Satellites

JAXA | Overview of the “KIZUNA” (WINDS)



“The “KIZUNA” is a communications satellite that enables super high-speed data communications of up to 1.2 Gbps to develop a society without any information availability disparity, in which everybody can equally enjoy high-speed communications wherever they live.

Using an antenna for South East Asian countries, we are aiming to achieve super high-speed communications with nations in the Asia/Pacific region with which Japan has close ties.
The KIZUNA (WINDS) does not require costly ground equipment. If you install a small antenna (about 45 cm in diameter) at your house, you can receive data at up to 155Mbps and transmit data at up to 6 Mbps. With a larger antenna of about 5 meters in diameter, super high-speed data communications of up to 1.2 Gbps will be available. (Such a service is mainly for organizations and companies.) Therefore, even in some areas where major ground infrastructure for the Internet is difficult to establish, people can enjoy the same level of Internet service as that in urban areas”


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