A Modern, Green House for $100,000!

https://i1.wp.com/farm3.static.flickr.com/2165/2345699328_9af44f7b58.jpgISA_View01_Renderpreferred-kitchen-stair-back-lightsJan 08 Builder Spec Plans 100K House - Postgreen Flickr Slideshow Dec 21 Updated Plans - Postgreen Flickr Slideshow preferred-all frontFloorplanDraft by postgreen.

GreenByDesign had an interesting post on a company called PostGreen who is attempting to build a house for $100,000 called the 100K house it is a little on the small side and not strictly a prefab. Also, the 100k budget covers “the hard construction budget only. The price of the land and all soft costs are separate” which sorta defeats the purpose


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One response to “A Modern, Green House for $100,000!

  1. Thanks for mentioning our project. We just started building and things are currently looking good. At this point we are on track for coming in at under $100 per square foot for our building costs. Fingers are firmly crossed.

    You are correct about our project not being “strictly prefab,” but we do have some prefab elements in the construction. We have found through our research that a hybrid model combining prefab and site built allows us to deliver a home cheaper, faster and greener than either (we hope).

    I hope the fact that the 100k number only includes the hard construction cost doesn’t defeat our purpose. Those costs are the focus of the project. It is the segment that is repeatable and predictable regardless of where the homes are built. If you get a plot of land for 50k or 150k, you know how much the house is going to cost to put on that land. The fact also remains that we are building a LEED Platinum home for less than the vast majority of comparable code built homes, and that is the purpose in a nutshell.

    Thanks again for mentioning us, and we hope you’ll check back in with us as we move forward.

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