Prefab: Bamboo Technology house

I cannot picture these Bamboo Houses by Bamboo Technologies other than in a tropical setting but they sure look cool, esp. the cottages and Colonial style houses… Via NatureFriendly



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2 responses to “Prefab: Bamboo Technology house

  1. Glad you like the building code certified eco-friendly bamboo houses from Bamboo Living. We started out years ago with single wall construction that worked great for tropical climates. Now we’ve added custom fit insulated SIPS panels to the package so the houses are viable for cold climates too. The insulation affords the opportunity too to surface the interior or exterior walls any way the owner likes, stucco or shingles for the outside or drywall or anything else on the inside. It a combination of design concepts that’s really cool and allows for a bamboo house to look like any other house – just way more “green” than using two by fours to build.
    Here’s a link to pictures of our “Eco-house” with a stucco exterior that looks pretty much like any other house down at the Jersey Shore.

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