OLED TVs: The Future Now!

Samsung 200Hz LCD-TVSamsung 14 Zoll OLED-TV

“TechRadar excitedly found out that the OLED war is set to hot up with the release of more decent next gen sets from Sony and Samsung.

we got upset at how excited we were, and watched the skateboarding
event over in the Canon hall to try and feel a bit less geeky”…. <More>


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3 responses to “OLED TVs: The Future Now!

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  2. Hello Bannaga,

    I am pleased that you liked my pictures. But if you already use them I would find it just fair if you could put a link to my article.

    Best Regards,

    (Sorry for this comment, but I didn’t found a contactform or emailadress)

  3. Thanks for comment. I linked the image to the source. Your article is in German. If you like i can take the image down?

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