Why Chrome? Why Now?

“A more interesting question is to look at why Google developed Chrome in the first place.
In short, Google developed Chrome because it had to. New browsers on the market and in development, which give consumers the option to surf the Web in anonymity, are an anathema to Google. Its revenue generation is based on its ability to collect information from its users as they search, and serve them targeted ads and search results.
“The problem Google faces today is anonymous browsing,” said Trip Chowdhry, an analyst with Global Equities Research. “If anonymous browsing becomes a trend, Google’s monetization model collapses, because Google’s monetization is all about targeted ads, relevant searches, and behavioral targeting”….



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2 responses to “Why Chrome? Why Now?

  1. Firefox 3.0 is apparently rather dodgy on Vista – though it’s o.k. on XP.
    On Ubuntu it can crash repeatedly – then run fine for no obvious reason. So I downloaded Opera – only to find it ‘locks down’ indefinitely – then behaves !
    They both seem worst when connectivity is at issue : likely because lacking a proper connection with target sites causes the browser to be overwhelmed trying to resolve too many simultaneous failures.

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