Prefab Japanese Styrofoam Dome Homes

Japan’s Styrofoam Dome HomesJapan’s Styrofoam Dome HomesJapan’s Styrofoam Dome Homes

“The Dome House is an igloo-shaped structure built from snap-together wall sections made of 100% expanded polystyrene foam (styrofoam). It might seem like an odd choice of material for a house, but the company lists a number of advantages that styrofoam has over traditional materials. Unlike wood and metal structures, for example, the styrofoam Dome House does not rust, rot or attract termites. It is also highly resistant to earthquakes and typhoons. In addition, the walls, which are treated with a flame retardant, emit no toxic fumes in a fire’…. <More>

Dome was Built in a day: Diginfo



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3 responses to “Prefab Japanese Styrofoam Dome Homes

  1. R C

    please I have asked befor Where can I get REAL information PRICE AND where to buy in USA

  2. This is the manufacturer’s address you may want to contact them ; Thanks for the comment.

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