Prefab 7.83 hz House

7.83 Hz

“Dubbed “7.83 Hz” after the idea to create a home that matches the natural frequency of our planet… Architects Simon Beames and Simon Dickens’ London-based practice, Youmeheshe, was set up to develop an innovative and potentially revolutionary design, which would make a carbon-neutral, eco-friendly prefab house available to the mass market. Yet the two Simons are still unsure how exactly to pitch the idea to a nation that has accepted organic vegetables but has yet to fully embrace the Prius. In ten years’ time the idea will doubtless sell itself, but today the two innovators are way ahead of the curve.
Designed to be delivered on just two trucks, Youmeheshe’s prefab is assembled from precut, biodynamically grown wooden panels, which are doweled together onsite rather than glued. This decreases the impact on the environment as well as on the inhabitants, while the delivery schedule is aimed at minimizing transport-related pollutants and noise”….<More>

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