Software that Makes Your Company More Entrepenuerial“Establish a formal system for rewarding employees for new ideas –Townsend recounts the story that of one secretary who designed a field employees reporting system with an estimated five years savings was $1.5 million. She was paid 50 percent of the first year’s savings of $304,000, or a check of $152,000. Talk about motivators.

Create a process for stewarding ideas from conception to implementation – Here’s where social software is particularly powerful, especially Idea Creation and Predictive Market software. Blogs, wikis, and social networks – all are powerful tools for personal and organization branding. Idea creation and predictive market software, from vendors such as ConsensusPoint, IdeaCrossing, IdeaWicket, Inkling, NewsFuture, and Spigit, provide the motivation for using those tools. They impose a structure to varying degrees of targeting the best ideas in an organization and then helping to bring them to fruition”…. <More>


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