Perrinepod’s All Concrete Prefabricated Homes

I have blogged about prefab concrete construction b4 here but this is more of an “concrete imagining of a modern day thomas Eddison single concret pour house….

“What are the perrinepod’s constructed from?

They are made entirely of aerated, polished, concrete. There are some aluminium components.
Can I customise the interior of the perrinepod?

Yes. You can make adjustments to the interior of the perrinepod, including the selection of appliances and fittings, as well as the layout of rooms. Depending on the level of customisation, there may be additional costs for this. These costs will be detailed in the price list when it is available.
What are the dimensions of the interior spaces?

The dimensions can vary based on configuration. Generally, the bedrooms are 3.2 x 3.5m, and the living areas 12 x 3.6, 9 x 3.6 or 6 x 3.6.
What is the size of the perrinepod?

The dimensions of the perrinepod are visible on page 11 of the brochure from our website. There are three basic configurations pictured on that page: 8 x 6m, 8 x 9m, and 8 x 12m.
What is the price of the perrinepod?

Indicative pricing is located in this website’s perrinepod configurator. These prices may be subject to change.
What is included in the price of the perrinepod?

The price includes delivery to metropolitan areas, erection of the perrinepod, and all interior fittings.

Does the perrinepod come in different colours?

Yes. The concrete can be toned to any natural pigment, including white, black, and brown shades.
Can I buy multiple perrinepod’s to create a larger home?

Yes. The perrinepod’s can be stacked, or placed side by side.
Is there an additional cost for stacking the perrinepod’s?

Yes. Stacking the perrinepod’s requires a full site assessment. Prices for this will be detailed in the Pricelist when it is available. “


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