Electric Scooters

“The 2000X is a serious transportation device with a top speed of 15mph*, giving it the power and endurance necessary to get around in any urban environment. What’s even more incredible, is that the 2000X can be easily folded up, and weighing only 19.5lbs (8.8kg), it is light enough to be carried on the subway, train, bus, or into work.
The XPORT SLX is one of the finest quality scooters available. With the full suspension, it provides a great ride even on bumpy terrain. Although not a speedster at 14 mph, its range is better than most scooters with 24V/10Ah battery packs – around 8 miles. It will climb many of San Francisco’s hills with a 160 lb rider”

The Forsen scooter is street legal and complies with European EEC and USA DOT guidelines (headlight, brake light, and turn signals)…. <More>


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