Arxx: Concrete Prefab?

“Arxx is an Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) system that ensures stronger, safer and more energy efficient walls. This is the third year that Kaw Valley Habitat has been using Arxx in its home construction. These “stay in place” expanded polystyrene forms are reinforced with steel bars and then filled with concrete.

“We had been researching ICFs for a couple of years prior to actually working with them. We like the fact that it is an energy efficient, storm and fire safe, and easy to maintain material,” explains Kelly Willoughby, executive director of Kaw Valley Habitat for Humanity. “When conducting this research, Arxx in particular was recommended for its ease of use and strong technical support.” The majority of the organization’s homes are now being built of concrete, with traditional exterior siding or finishes”…. <More>



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