Prophet Motive: The Kahlil Gibran Phenomenon

·            ” Kahlil Gibran’s book, the Prophet is world renowned and a perennial seller. Almost incredibly its popularity stems from word of mouth than savvy marketing. Little 0f the man himself is known. Promoted by the recent publication of his collected works, Joan Acocella in The New Yorker Book Review deconstructs the personal of the diminutive Lebanese-American; his childhood in Lebanon, his teens in the slums of Boston’s South End at the turn of the century to his eventual tragic death. Much of this biography doesn’t paint a flattering image: He used older women for monetary gain including his own sister, posed nude and associated with shady characters as a teenager and seemed emotionally unaffected by almost his entire family dying of TB and cancer soon after landing the USA. She posits that the Prophet and the lesser known “Jesus, the Son of Man” have stood the test of time mainly because their themes were and are relevant to the public today, suggesting The Prophet was a prototype of today’s inspirational literature”….. <More>

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