ZipLinq AC Home Charger to USB Converter

I have been looking for one of these, i thought i may just post it…”

  • Use this Travel Charger 110 volt power supply with any Type A USB power cable.
  • Retractable Battery Charger Cables by Ziplinq use this travel power supply.
  • Optional Ziplinq retractable cable uses a USB type A connector, to power 100’s of cell phones, & is fast becoming a Must Have for PC computer users to power their cell phone from their PC, car, or home.
  • This Travel Charger provides a regulated, short-circuit protected, 5 volts of DC current output!
  • This 5 volts power supply is ideal to power most 3.6 volt batteries that come on most cell phones and Bluetooth headsets.
  • Perfect power source for MINIUSB cable which can then charge any MINI-USB charged device, like Motorola RAZRs, and MANY Bluetooth headsets.
  • Ziplinq factory original warranty of one year applies”….  <Seller’s Site>

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