Prefab: Jean Prouvé’s 1951 Tropical House

Jean Prouvé Tropical House SLideshow @ UCLA’s Hammer Museum 1951-Shown during installation in the Hammer Museum courtyard, October 2005.Photo by Elon Schoenholz, 2005.
Prouvé was among the most important builder/entrepreneurs of the twentieth century and demonstrated a belief in the powers of technology to solve the world’s problems, a strong ethical sense, and a reliance on function as the basis of design. He believed deeply that the direct connection between artisan and materials could be preserved even at the scale of industrial production. For these reasons, the failure of his building systems to take root in postwar France and its former colonies is an important moment in the history of prefabrication.Prouvé designed the Tropical House in 1949 as a prototype for inexpensive, readily assembled housing that could be easily transported to France’s African colonies”….  More@ UCLA’S Exhbition Page Here


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