Drag & Drop Video From PC To A TV Via SanDisk’s TakeTV

I love this product and want one …”TakeTV is built around a roughly 4-inch-tall, 1½-inch-wide USB thumb drive that is conveniently concealed in a small holder. This stick, which you can easily stash in your pocket, is where you store video files dragged off a computer — about five hours of playback on a 4-gigabyte $100 version or $150 for an 8-GB, 10-hour version. The holder itself doubles as TakeTV’s remote control. The remaining piece is a small cradle you connect to a TV.
The service is compatible with MPEG-4, DivX and Xvid video formats, but you’re on your own locating any movies or other such files on your computer. When you do find an acceptable file, you drag and drop it onto the TakeTV drive, just as you copy files onto a regular flash drive. I was able to watch family video I’d shot, but other transferred footage off my hard drive would not play”…..  <More>



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3 responses to “Drag & Drop Video From PC To A TV Via SanDisk’s TakeTV

  1. This looks Tres cool. Is it coming out in the UK?

  2. Per Tech Co.UK.Com , the answer is not yet but will be soon!

  3. Cheers Beewax. I’ll have a look for that one.

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