GeneTree: Linkedin FaceBook Style Via Your DNA

A cool website Facebook Style with a DNA Social Networking Twist…..>>

“For a fee of £73, GeneTree will analyse a mouth swab and compare it with the 100,000 DNA samples and 6m ancestral records on its database.

“Suddenly, people are able to find and communicate with relatives they never knew they had from all over the world, and discover their deep ancestral roots.” …. <Article>

Instructions For Collecting Your DNA Sample for processing Via GeneTree

“Please follow these directions carefully:

1.Don’t eat or drink one hour before the sample collection (preferred, not mandatory).

2.Open the GenetiRinse container and pour mouthwash into your mouth. DO NOT SWALLOW.

3.Swish the mouthwash vigorously in your mouth for AT LEAST 45 seconds.

4.Spit the mouthwash slowly back into the container. Tightly replace the lid on the container.

5.Place container in plastic bag with white paper square and seal tightly.

6.Write your name and mark your gender in the proper box of the plastic bag.

7.Place paperwork (signed consent form and 4-generation pedigree*) into the pocket on the back of the bag.

8. Return the bag to the GeneTree box in which the materials arrived. Place the box in the mail within 24 hours of completing the DNA sample. Follow the instructions for re-sealing on the box.


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