Prefab: Martin Boathouse

“The boathouse is a two-story prefabricated steel grid infilled with ipe wood window frames, floors, walls, and ceiling. The barge-delivered steel structure is welded onto pylon supports which rest atop submerged rocks. The steel is painted with a protective zinc coating in a sympathetic hue that allows for a gentle visual transition between lake and sky. The 800-square-foot structure’s first level provides covered space for two slips (for a boat and a personal watercraft) and a minimal amount of dry storage under the stairway, as well as an uncovered sculling dock. The second level is divided between an exterior shower and a freestanding screened porch that serves as an elevated outdoor room. The outdoor room converts to a screen-awning-clad space that opens to the three sides directly exposed to views of the water, a configuration that allows convection currents and breezes off the lake. The room is equipped with a small storage and appliance cabinet on the south wall. A wooden trellis, which serves as an armature for growing vines, protects the west side from direct sunlight”….. <More>


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