Lost Child Of War, Refugee, Super Model!

Alek Wek fled her home in war-torn Sudan as a 9 year old with only the clothes on her back. Now she is a supermodel.

“I WAS born, the seventh of nine children, in a little town called Wau. Alek means “black spotted cow”, a symbol of good luck for my people, the Dinka. I got my long body from my father – I’m 5ft 11in tall – and my mother gave me my smile. My inky skin came from both of them…..

The Dinka are divided into clans, which are split into smaller groups that each control just enough land to provide water and pasture for their beloved cattle. These animals are so essential to the Dinka that, even though my parents raised us in a town, my mother still kept about 15 head of longhorned cattle.

“Don’t forget to pick up the manure,” she would say to us before we went to school”…. <Full Article>


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