Top 10 Green Gadgets

2. DIY Kyoto Wattson

Remember the Electrisave gizmo that Justin “ethical man” Rowlatt used to measure his electricity usage at home? Well, the Wattson is its glamorous, iPod-like cousin – a gadget that glows blue when you’re using little electricity and flashes red when you’re consuming a lot. In case that doesn’t drive the message home, its bright display shows exactly how many pounds you will have to pay annually, based on what you’re using that second.

3. Roberts Wanderer (R9957):

 It’s smaller, more handsome and better-sounding than most of its rivals, although the crank isn’t the finest and the battery life is slightly bested by its Freeplay peers. Great for the bathroom, camping and picnics, it’ll never need new batteries and won’t use a watt of carbon-laden electricity”….. Full List at The Gaurdian’s Site <Here>



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2 responses to “Top 10 Green Gadgets

  1. We have been featured in a number of modern design blogs an I would love to submit our Solar LED Architectural & Landscape lighting for your review.

    In a nutshell, we launched an in ground Solar LED at this past Lightfair 2007 in New York and are currently being specified and used in upcoming commercial “green-building” projects. We received rave reviews at Lightfair and are growing rapidly due to our unique product designs combining both function and aesthetic. Feel free to visit for quick rundown of our line.

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  2. I’d be scared to use the Wattson in our house. Never mind glowing red, it would be flashing and screaming at us!

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