Prefab: Tempo Housing

“Tempohousing has come up with an original and simple solution: modify shipping containers into quality homes that are easy to set up and to move when needed. Everything you need is built in: wiring, heating, ventilation, bathroom, kitchen and so forth. A suitable and very affordable solution for any housing problem that needs a quick fix. Built as one level or stacked up to 6 levels, one home of 30 m or a combination of various units to set up a home of 120 m: you name it and we can deliver it to you.

In 2006 Tempohousing, under the local brand name of Keetwonen, finished a 1000 unit student housing project. The project, located near the center of Amsterdam, consists of modified 40ft (30m2) shippingcontainers. Per block there is one building services container, supplying all units in the block of electricity and an Internet connection”…. <More> 


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