Verizone’s iPhone-The LG Voyager-A Better Clone?

The inevitable has come to pass. In the US, AT&T’s big rival, Verizon Wireless, has introduced what is for all intents and purposes is a copy of the iPhone.

Via Telecm TV “Called “Voyager”, the 8GB LG phone sports a great big touch screen and is generally almost as svelte and sexy as an iPhone, although some say it lacks the sublime quality of industrial design that is the hallmark of Apple’s entire product line. Form and function do meet about halfway in Voyager, but it definitely has a case of pragmatic PC-itis.That being said, the new handset does have some features that may give potential iPhone buyers at least some pause for thought on their way the the AT&T and Apple stores. In addition to thet ouch screen, Voyager offers a fold-open QWERTY keypad and screen that many users complain is so conspicuously missing from the Apple phone.

Voyager is also way ahead of the mobile broadband game compared to the iPhone and its wimpy EDGE connectivity that limits its full “i” use to the occasional no-pay WiFi access point”… Slide Show and More Photos @ I4U News.


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