OXO Apple Corer

“Bringing a plastic container filled with wholesome, fresh, organic apple chunks makes it easier for me to resist the lure of chocolate and opt for a healthy and delicious desert instead. If you want a quick and easy way to replace the cookies and candy bars in your life with apples, the OXO Apple Divider is one single-use tool that’s worth keeping around.- Jonathan Steigman-We we bought this and use it regularly on potatoes to make oven fries. Slice the potato with it, toss in olive oil and spices of your choice, and bake on a non-stick sheet for 20-30 minutes, 450 degrees, turning once. I didn’t even know it was actually for apples until I saw it on cool tools.— Julee Bode-OXO Apple Divider
$8=Available from Amazon/Manufactured by and available from OXO International, LTD“…. <Review>


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