Sharp announces new optical-sensing touchscreen display – better than iPhone multi-touch screen

“Sharp has announced a new touchscreen LCD  that not only rivals the iPhone’s multi-touch display (manufactured by Balda), but blows it out of the water. The new tech is based on optical sensors built right into the display, as opposed to the Balda-made screen’s capacitive technology. Sharp claims that this results in a display that is not only thinner (1 mm – making more room for advanced components and allowing for slimmer devices), but can actually double as an optical scanner”…. <More> 

Also See: “In this light, Sharp developed its proprietary System LCD technology to successfully embed an optical sensor used in devices like scanners in each pixel of the LCD panel. This technology eliminates the need for films, resulting in a thinner, beautifully clear screen display compared to conventional touch screens. In addition, tactile recognition based on simultaneously touching multiple points on the screen is now possible, a feature previously difficult to implement. For example, users can easily tap the screen with two fingers to enlarge or reduce a displayed map. Also, the scanner function can be used to scan in a business card placed on top of the screen, and further improvements to this function are expected to enable fingerprint authentication in the future”… <More>


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