Prefab DropHouse

The Architect’s French Website has some pretty cool designs I do not speak French I will refer to the literal translation courtesy of“The purpose of the project, prize winner of the Algeco contest “structures elementary”, is to combine with the constraints of surface a space quality, by creating a comfortable space of life at the height identity character. The various functions of the program are gathered in small units which expansent principal volume while being withdrawn like drawers: thus the kitchen, the bathroom, the hopper of entry, and the two rooms come to position out of satellite of only one central space. These extensions are implemented to the assembly, but the house can be also closed again in the event of prolonged absence thus protecting itself from the infringements. Transportable by truck, the closed again unit, is contained within the limits maximum of the road gauge. The building, directed, also presenting solutions for autonomy of optimal energy”…. Via 



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4 responses to “Prefab DropHouse

  1. The hardest part of these neat little living spaces is finding a place to put them. The powers that be that control zoning and permits just are not open minded enough to embrace this new style of living. That will never change because of the power the builders have.
    Therefore, while interesting, designing these spaces is an exercise in futility.

  2. Thanks for the comment.I do believe sooner or later the building industry will be move into mass production.

  3. san

    They need to take these ideas to the emerging economies in Asia, where the climate is more temperate, and the societies will be more embracing towards these liberating living concepts.

  4. Hi San, I don’t understand the resistance people especially in the USA have against a prefab house as if it is somehow less of a house. Of course the models link to in my blog are expensive if not mot\re expensive than traditional buildings. Your comment reminded me of a book review on NPR which was titled “Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets: How to Fix America’s Trillion-Dollar Construction Industry” which I have not read but the author indicated the US construction industry was the rally the only major industry that did not have an R& D culture which is probably why the prefab movement has not truly taken off!!
    Thanks for the comment anyways.. |

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