3D Brwosing- SpaceTime Software


You can Watch a demo of the interface above adn the software is still in Beta and needs a powerful PC.. for a review see excerpt Via  Renderosity  “When it comes to computers, the technology has reached a point where we have opened doors for nearly any possibility you can imagine, especially when it comes to 3D graphics. It was obvious it was only a matter of time before people started using 3D technology on the web. If you’ve been keeping up with the news you may remember an article about using 3D software to create environments to be used inside your browser (if you have used TruePlace to browse the Renderosity 3D Gallery you are familiar with that technology). Although SpaceTime doesn’t use 3D technology that way, it does offer a very interesting way to look at the web”…. <Full Article>

The SpaceTime browser is a software designed to work as a “virtual desktop” for web browsing (please note this has nothing to do with the “virtual desktop managers” that everybody should be familiar with).


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  1. Nice review, i want to try that

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