Exercise Can Make You Smarter But Not Thinner! NY Times

I am not sure if the News Media is just trying to be controversial or just reporting on some of the “respectable” and contradictory studies out there. Remember the Dr. Atkins and carbohydrate diets…. See what if it’s all been a big fat lie? (July 7, 2002).The following 3 articles published in 2007 In The NY Times and NY Magazine make contradictory claims on exercise but are nonetheless informative…

The Scientist and the Stairmaster: Why most of us believe that exercise makes us thinner—and why we’re wrong

 Lobes of steel – August 19, 2007  “We’ve always known that our  brains control our behavior,” Gage says, “but not that our behavior could control and change the structure of our brains.” This spring, neuroscientists at Columbia University in New York City published a study in which a group of men and women, ranging in age from 21 to 45, began working out for one hour four times a week. After 12 weeks, the test subjects, predictably, became more fit. But something else happened as a result of all those workouts: blood flowed at a much higher volume to a part of the brain responsible for neurogenesis. Scientists suspect that the blood pumping into that part of the brain was helping to produce fresh neurons.  


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