Slideshow: The Stylish Ro0bots Of Robo Garage

Robo Garage, is a Kyoto University venture and its principal designer and creator is “Tomotaka Takahashi, one of the youngest researchers in the field of robotics. Inspired by anime such as Ironman No. 28 and Mighty Atom, Takahashi began building robots. Akahashi is known for his friendly yet sophisticated designs that allow his robots to move and interact more naturally than other obots” <See More resources on Japanese Robotics @ Robotopia Rising>Many of the early robots were originated  by Team Osaka.  see the following ” Team Osaka is a loosely knit consortium of eggheads, researchers and robotics venture outfits, hastily assembled on the occasion of 2004 Japan Open, a regional Robo Cup event. Since the beginning, Team Osaka has had a huge advantage over other Robo Cup participants. Some of its member firms are real robotics pros, while other combatants are mere academics or amateur hobbiests at most” ….. <More>


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