The Animated Atomic Projection Clock

The Weather Connection Store has some very functional gadgets but weird in their own way; check out a few samples here:  

From the web site “Pisa Animated Atomic Projection Clock

Oregon Scientific RM818PA Animated Atomic Projection Clock Always accurate and always on time this self-setting atomic clock easily adjusts to different time zones at the click of a button. With the animated projection feature you’ll never wake up in the middle of the night wondering what time it is, you can look at your wall or ceiling for the exact time.

3D SmartGlobe Delux Touch the wireless SmartPen to the SmartGlobe Deluxe to learn amazing details about the world we live in. The incredible sound effects grab the attention of the user! In addition, you’ll enjoy learning about the history for almost any location in the world including national anthems and flags, timelines, national leaders and much more. Information and world news update weekly”….. <More>


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One response to “The Animated Atomic Projection Clock

  1. yes, love the idea, futuristic clock, I even use the picture in my blog.

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