The Pattern of Life’s History

Who Knew Brilliant Scientist are a Bitch-Slap happy bunch; Harvard’s Professor, the late STEPHEN JAY GOULD’s  dense yet interesting  essay entitled  The Pattern of Life’s History  where he purposes “that the modal complexity of life has never changed and it never will, that right from the beginning of life’s history it has been what it is; and that our view of complexity is shaped by our warped decision to focus on only one small aspect of life’s history; and that the small bit of the history of life that we can legitimately see as involved in progress arises for an odd structural reason and has nothing to do with any predictable drive toward it” received some mixed responses from his peers which were appended to the essay,  some of which  are vicious e.g.” has appended many review from his peers that are sometimes vicious, check out as an example Daniel Dennett’s  response  who is Professor of Philosophy at Tufts University. “Every theme in Steve’s trio is good enough in its own limited way. (His more recent business about the importance of mass extinction strikes me as pretty much of a nonstarter.) But none of those themes is original with him; they’ve been around in evolutionary theory since Darwin. Some people have taken them seriously and some people haven’t. None is revolutionary”… Via Edge. Org


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