DisplayLink’s USB 2.0 Monitors

“DisplayLink is developing new and  ways of connecting displays to computers – ways that will transform how people make use of displays.  DisplayLink has successfully challenged the limitations of current display connectivity to deliver a highly interactive user experience across a network or USB 2.0 connection. Adding extra displays to the desktop, whether directly or through accessories such as docking stations is now easier than ever. This exciting new technology is available in silicon or PCB designs. It can be directly embedded into displays – or incorporated into a wide range of standalone accessories.

DisplayLink technology can be integrated into several potential applications, wherever a display is required over a standard wired or wireless interface at a low cost, including:

Wireless monitors and projectors
Wireless digital picture frames
USB2.0 monitors and projectors
USB2.0 to VGA/DVI dongles
Universal USB 2.0 notebook docks with VGA/DVI
Ethernet-based thin clients
External displays through USB 2.0 and Wireless


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