ROTONDO Rechargeable LED Lamp Has No Cords

“This rechargeable lamp uses LEDs for illumination — it will run for about eight hours before it needs a recharge. The lamp is also water resistant and is made with mouth-blown parnaterraglas with a frosted finish. It will cycle through a spectrum of colors, and can be stopped when the hue you desire is reached.  From the Lightology Website…”Rotondo features mouth-blown Parnaterra glass with frosted semi-transparent finish. Color choice is varied and can be set to user preference. Comes with rechargable power supply and LED SMD unit. The touch controlled Mood Light has two different modes: a Mesmerizing Fusion of infinite colors and a Color Freeze function to display the color of your fancy as long as you desire. Power supply/charger provides approximately eight hours of operation mode. Rechargeable batteries in each object provide up to 10 hours of lighting. Water resistant. Ambient light distribution. 11″ wide x 8” high.
It’s available from Lightology“…. Post Via metaefficient


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