In Pictures: America’s Best-Paying Blue-Collar Jobs

” #4. Railroad Conductors And Yard Masters

Railroad conductors supervise train crews and are responsible for the safety of the passengers and crew who ride on their trains. Some conductors, known as road service conductors, work on trains that carry passengers or freight locally or long distances. Other conductors work in the train yard and are called yard conductors or yard masters.

Hourly: $26.70/Annual: $55,530

 # 5. Power Plant Operators

Power plant operators have a seemingly endless amount of responsibility. They control and monitor boilers, turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment in power-generating plants. Operators distribute power demands among generators, combine the current from several generators, and monitor instruments to maintain voltage and regulate electricity flows from the plant. When power requirements change, these workers start or stop generators and connect or disconnect them from circuits.

Hourly: $26.44/Annual: $55,000″…. <More Slides>


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