Zero X: An Electric Motorcycle That’s Fast, Silent & Eco Friendly

What is the Zero X? It is a motorcycle, and not just any motorcycle. It allegedly offers “the world’s best acceleration, agility and durability of any in the motorcycle in the market, electric or gas.” The Zero is a lithium-ion battery powered motorcycle. It runs silently, weighs only 120 pounds and goes from 0-50 miles per hour in “a flash.” This is not a bike to compete with the 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa; it is, however, an extremely cheap way to commute. It costs less than a cent per mile. It recharges in about three hours and a single charge will get you about 40 miles of cruising”…. Via UberReview


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One response to “Zero X: An Electric Motorcycle That’s Fast, Silent & Eco Friendly

  1. Mr. Steven Present

    Dear Gentelman;
    Please Send me all of the Information that you can on this Electric Motorcycle.
    I am interested in purchesing it in the future.
    My residence is in San Francisco California.
    Where is the closest dealership?
    Please send me all types-costs-etc.
    Thank You:

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