A Modern, Green Modular Cabin: BlueSky Mod

“This modern prefab cabin, called the BlueSky MOD, is one a few examples of affordable green modular homes currently available today. It was designed by Todd Saunders, an architect born and trained in Canada and currently working in Norway. The company that sells the homes, also called BlueSky MOD, is run Hy Rosenberg and Richard Stark, who are based in Toronto.

They say “We believe the foundations of a great vacation home are aesthetic appeal and ecological responsibility…It’s an experiment in simplicity of design, construction techniques and relationship to nature”. The basic package costs $127,000 CAD (this does not include land, foundations, electricity, plumbing or furniture)…<More>


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One response to “A Modern, Green Modular Cabin: BlueSky Mod

  1. penelope johnstone

    i noticed your homes are ‘green’, but, i was wondering, are they low toxic ?
    i am disabled with multiple chemical sensitivity, and i would like to know if you have taken any preventative mesures to keep peroleum chemicals out of the building supplies , preventing indoor air pollution

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