Stylish Air Purification – LightAir IonFlow 50

 “This portable ionizing air purifier eliminates 99.94 percent of harmful airborne pollutants, such as dust, smoke and pollen, even bacteria and viruses. In addition, its clean lines, slim silhouette and transparency offer consumers a stylish alternative to typical industrial-looking air purifiers. LightAir’s shape was designed to optimize its effectiveness. The cylindrical shape of the collector maximizes the surface area for particles to attach to. The soft edges prevent the production of positive ions and stop the negative-charged particles from bouncing back into the air. The decorative LED light at the base enhances the feeling of clean, healthy air, and the color of the LED can be easily changed to suit any mood or décor. LightAir has successfully bridged a gap in the air purifier market by offering consumers a device that not only enhances their health but their environment as well”…. <More>


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