Cut The Wires….. Wireless USB Adapters Have Arrived!

 Belkin’s Wireless USB hub has a dongle with an antenna (left), giving a PC Wireless USB abilities. This communicates with a wireless hub with four regular USB ports (right), allowing older wired devices to use the technology. (Credit: Belkin)”…. <More>

See also:

First Look: Franklin Wireless USB EVDO Card

“This revolutionary product will enable Tablet PC and Mac laptop and desktop users that do not have a PCMCIA card slot to connect to the Internet or company information with broadband-like download speeds using Sprint Mobile Broadband Services operating on the Sprint Power Vision Network. Not much information is out on this card but our early tests have shown remarkable speeds! Previous ultra mobile portables have had the “ball and chain” by tethering their EVDO phones/pda’s but now those days are over and it looks like Sprint beat everyone to the punch!”…. <More>


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