Animate Yourself

Video: Gizmoz HeadMaker Demo

I’m feeling pretty animated these days thanks to an Israeli company called Gizmoz. That’s because of its new Web site,, that lets people create their own animated cartoon characters that can talk in your own voice with amazingly accurate lip syncing.

Although there are some possible professional applications to this technology, Gizmoz now is all about fun, according to founder and CEO Eyal Gever.

You start by uploading a photo of your face. When posing for the picture you should be as expressionless as possible because Gizmoz will automatically add facial expressions.

Your next step is to design a “gizmo” by picking from a menu of pre-drawn characters in costume or by creating your own character by selecting a gender (you can switch sexes), a hair style, how you want your body to look, any hats or other headwear, glasses, makeup, tattoos, piercings – whatever”…. <More>


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