Speed Racer 2008: The Wachowski Brothers’ First Movie Since “The Matrix” Movies

‘Speed Racer’s’ Movie demon on wheels-The Mach 5


“Those fine folks over at Warner Bros. have sent Cinematical an official Speed Racer press release which provides a full cast list, as well as lots of plot info. Although it wasn’t very difficult to piece together all the nuggets of information we’ve received over the past month or so, it is nice to see all things Speed Racer in one place. (Check out the recently released pic of Speed’s Mach 5 to the right) As expected, the meat and potatoes of the story will revolve around Speed’s (Emile Hirsch) attempt to take down the powerful and corrupt Royalton Industries before its evil owner (Roger Allam) puts Speed and his family out of business for good.

One of the casting choices I’m most interested in is that of Ji Hoon Jung (aka the popular Korean singer Rain) as a rival driver”….. <More>

Video: Another Speed and Trixie moment

Video: Speed Racer original open and close


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